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Recommended One Liter Chocolate Drinks to Enjoy at Home

By Isny Dewi R

01 October 2020

Recommendations for one liter chocolate drinks in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

Photo source: Pixabay
Not only milk coffee, cold chocolate drink is also packaged in one liter bottles. This one liter ice chocolate can be ordered online at several of these places. For chocolate lovers, of course you can't miss it. If you want to stock it up at home so you can enjoy it anytime, here are recommendations for one liter chocolate drinks in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

1. Cocote
In West Jakarta area, Cocote offers one liter milk chocolate for Rp 90,000 which can be ordered online. Apart from the size of a liter, this drink is also available in 250 ml bottle which sells for Rp 24,000. Cocote also offers other variants such as coffee milk, butterscotch latte and butterscotch regal. For order, Cocote uses PO system every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If interested, you can order it by sending a DM to @cocote.jkt.
Photo source: Instagram @cocote.jkt
2. Salad Aneka
Although its signature product is salad, you can also order one liter chocolate drink here. Located in Tangerang area, Salad Aneka’s chocolate drink is named Dark Chocolate. For one liter bottle, this drink is pegged at Rp 90,000, while for half liter it costs Rp 46,000, and 250 ml costs Rp 24,000. This Dark Chocolate is made from pure Indonesian cocoa powder with a sweet-bitter taste.
Photo source: Instagram @salad.aneka_bintaro
Apart from Dark Chocolate, Salad Aneka also offers other drink menus that are worth trying such as Milk Taro, Milk Thai Tea, and Milk Royal Choco. To bring them home, you can order online through GoFood and GrabFood.
3. House Brew
House Brew offers one liter chocolate drink called devil chocolate which sells for Rp 80,000. In addition, you can also order other variants of one liter of drinks that are no less interesting, such as black coffee, milk coffee, coffee latte, Baileys coffee latte, earl gray coffee latte, maternity coffee, and others. For ordering, it can be done online via WhatsApp 0811-1337-980 or Tokopedia.
Photo source: Instagram @housebrewid

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