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Recommended Sundanese Family Restaurant You Need to Try

By Eskanisa R

19 January 2021

Kids friendly restaurants with delicious menu items.

Photo source: @talagasampireun

Aside from Padang restaurants, Sundanese restaurants also mushrooming due to consumers’ demand for delectable cuisine. It surely known for a list of comfort, mouth-watering food as well as the ambience where you can’t easily find at any restaurants at the malls.
Simply because these Sundanese restaurants occupied their own locations, outside the malls, give you different, natural ambience where saung (places made of bamboo) built above the lake for the whole family feeling comfort yet warm.

1. Talaga Sampireun

Photo source: @talagasampireun
One of popular Sundanese restaurants among families is surely Talaga Sampireun. This restaurant has three different branches in Ancol, Bintaro, and Puri. Serving various Sundanese foods and seafood, this one has design that can pamper your eyes.
Dining places made of bamboo (saung) built above the lake full of fishes you can even feed while having lunch or dinner with whole family. Due to pandemic where we required to keep safe distance, visitors no need to be worry because saung have distance one to another.
Besides, Talaga Sampireun keep implementing health protocol including measure body temperature and disinfecting shoes. Both hand washing and hand sanitizer machines made touchless.
How about the food? There are several menu you need to try including Flying Gurame one of visitors favorites with jaw-dropping presentation, Jumbo Honey Grilled Shrimp, Crab with Spicy Sauce, Grilled Squid, Mushroom Satay, Beef Tongue with Spicy Green Chili, Stuffed Tofu and Kangkung Plecing (water spinach served with spicy sambal).
To get rid all spicy and greasiness, you need to try Sago Rangi (made of tapioca and shredded coconut and topped with brown sugar glazed), Es Bubur Sumsum Ijo (made of hunkwe flour with coconut milk and brown sugar), Es Pisang Ijo (green banana ice) and Es Alpukat Susu (made of avocado and lots sweet condensed milk).
To ensure you are also following the health protocol, it’s highly recommended to make cashless payment.
Talaga Sampireun
Address: Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat No. 17, Puri Indah, West Jakarta
Phone: +622158352555
Instagram: @talagasampireun

2. Saung Apung

Photo source: qraved
Driving to Bekasi, this second Sundanese restaurant always packed with families during weekend. Saung Apung offering natural ambience with their lesehan (sitting on the floor) area built above lake filled with plenty fishes.
For food, Saung Apung known for its authentic Sundanese ones including Karedok (made of raw vegetables served with peanut sauce), Genjer Oncom (sawah flower rush with fermented soybean), Kangkung Balacan (spicy water spinach), Toge Ikan Asin (beansprout with salted fish), Gurame Rica Kemangi (spicy gurame with basil), Honey Grilled Shrimp, Sweet and Sour Squid as well as Saung Beef Ribs with vary sambal you shouldn’t miss out from mango chili relish to shrimp paste.
Saung Apung
Address: Villa Nusa Indah 2, Jl. Campur Sari 3, Blok GG No. 1, Jatiasih, Bekasi
Phone: +622182433099 / +622199445000

3. Dapur Kuring

Photo source: @galleryindaaah

Last but not least interesting to visit with family is Dapur Kuring. Palm leaves as the roof and bamboos as the wall surely create stunning, comfort, and warm look. Besides, this Sundanese restaurant also offering dining area as comfortable as saung ones.
Speaking about its menu, Dapur Kuring comes with authentic, delicious Sundanese food including Karedok, Sweet and Sour Squid, Super Gala Shrimp, Mussles with spicy Padang Sauce, Gurame with Rujak Sauce, Crab with Spicy Padang Sauce to Grilled Stink Beans. 
For non-seafood enthusiasts, Dapur Kuring also has chicken and beef menu including Green Chili Bekakak Chicken, Penyet Ribs, Black Pepper Beef and Braised Beef Short Rib Soup that taste even more delicious with their sambal.
Dapur Kuring
Address: Jl. Letjen S. Parman No. 57, Slipi, West Jakarta
Phone: +62215322875

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