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Recommended YouTube Channels for Zumba

By Eskanisa R

01 April 2020

Recommended Zumba channels for beginners and pro.

Zumba becomes one of most attractive workout to help burn a lot of calories, 400 – 600 calories in really fun way. Along with burning calories, Zumba also help reduce blood pressure as well as tightening muscles for those who dream about ideal body shape. Even you are currently stay at home during COVID-19 pandemic, you can still do this fun workout through these recommended popular Zumba channels on YouTube.


This channel has 2.17 million subscribers on YouTube. Here, you can follow fun combination of Zumba, squat, and dance fitness with popular backsound music. There are at least 12 instructors will guide you through various dynamic and fun movements. Each video is only 3 – 5 minutes long. Sounds easy, right?

2. OneHowto

Like previous channel, OneHowto also has a lot of subscribers on YouTube for 1.27 million subscribers. OneHowto also offering short workout videos for 3 – 5 minutes which guide you to follow various Zumba movements. Here, you can easily find videos for beginners. Along with Zumba, this channel has various calisthenics video tutorial (some of exercise types using our own body weight) and twerking that focus on burning fat in hips, bottom, thighs and stomach to help build muscles.


Unlike two previous channels, POPSUGAR Fitness with 3/84 million subscribers offering longer duration for 15 – 45 minutes workout videos. Because, this channel focusing on high intense cardio full body workout which including stretching, core movements, and cooling down. Hence, this one focus on HIIT or high intensity cardio exercises, POPSUGAR Fitness also has HIIT videos for beginners. So, there is no reason to not move your body and get your sweat on #dirumahaja time, right?



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