Relieve Stress with These 5 Korean Reality Shows

Relieve Stress with These 5 Korean Reality Shows


Recently, along with Korean dramas and films, their reality shows start to rise. With no doubt, their reality shows successfully put audience in a good infectiously laughing. It also offers many interesting interaction between idols. You can watch your ultimate bias on a regular basis. So, here are 5 Korean reality shows you shouldn’t miss to get rid your stress away.

1. Master Key

photo source: soompi.com

K-Pop fans definitely attached by this newest reality show in Korea, Master Key. Master Key you can watch via SBS air in prime time. They bring popular names in entertainment industry to find and guess who is the real master key. The idols can only win the game if they successfully find and guess the real master key during program. Challenge your attention through their mind trick games, interaction between 12 idols is a pleasure to watch.

2. Knowing Bros

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JBTC proudly present this interesting program, Ask Us Anything also known as Knowing Bros. It became phenomenon among K-Pop fans. Since their first episode aired in 2015, popular names like Kang Hodong, Lee Sangmin, Kim Heecul, Min Kyunghoon, Seo Janghoon, Kim Yongcheol and Lee Songeun will put you in good laughing. Their different characters make this program way more fun to watch. There are a lot of idols joined this program, like Psy, Rain, Super Junior, SHINee, BTS, BtoB also Red Velvet. The most interesting part, idols will answer most common questions K-Pop fans asked.

3. Wizard of Nowhere

photo source: koreantvclub.com

You can watch your favorite idols enjoy a lifetime adventure while traveling through this unique program. Idols find themselves not only traveling but also experiencing another culture in different country they visit. They can enjoy delicious food they find in different countries along with some missions. Otherwise, Wizard of Nowhere teach you to appreciate all the positive things in your life.

4. Weekly Idol

photo source: sbs.com

Games and ‘harsh’ punishment gives by Weekly Idol MCs invite you burst into laughing. Specifically, while your idols enjoy its punishment. Some episode of Weekly Idol you shouldn’t miss are BtoB, GOT7, G-Dragon, BIG BANG and WINNER. They have spent all segment without feeling awkward about doing games and punishments.

5. Flower Crew

photo source: soompi.com

Last but never least, another funny reality show to get rid your stress away is Flower Crew. Flower Crew is traveling reality show presented by YG Entertainment and SBS. It is a 3 days 2 night travelling where idols make their best try to finish mission to get Flowery Road instead of Muddy Road. Flowery Road is full by best accommodation, food and other pleasure things while Muddy Road is a punishment to stay at bad housing and limited food. You can watch popular idols like WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon and Mino, soloist IU, TWICE and many more.