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Relive Traditional Games with Temen Main Community

By Isny Dewi R

28 August 2019

Temen Main Community introducing traditional games to today's kids.

Technological development not only changes the way we live, but also kid's games. If in the past, kids always seemed happy to play with their friends outside, now kids prefer to playing their own gadgets. Concerned with this phenomenon, a group of people formed a community to relive the glory of traditional games. It’s the Temen Main Community, which is happy to introduce traditional games to today's kids.

This community originated from a group of young parents who are friends with each other. They see the shift to the digital era also occurs in kid’s games. These parents then want to encourage their kids to keep playing traditional games.

Why does it have to be a traditional game? According to Temen Main, to play traditional games, kids should play with their friends. That way, kids will get to know how to work together, cohesiveness, and sportsmanship. Also because many kids are not too familiar with traditional games because of limited land.

There are 12 traditional games that are introduced to kids, they are engrang batok, arangku alu, karet, engsreng, congklak, ular naga, tapak gunung atau engklek, ampar-ampar pisang, kelereng, gasing, galasin, and benteng. The traditional games they teach come from any sources, such as from different members' areas, in collaboration with other communities, to learn from people who have known traditional games longer.

Photo Source: @komunitastemenmain

Temen Main hopes that traditional games in Indonesia can be preserved, and so that kids play time can be balanced between playing individually and playing with friends. The rest goes back to their parents, do they want to continue to introduce traditional games to their kids?

Regarding membership, this community is not bound and is open to anyone who wants to join. Like the community in general, Temen Main also has activities that involve their members such as gathering or Kopdar. In addition, one of the communities in Jakarta is also working with various schools, companies, and other communities to hold Bermain Bersama activity.

Other than that, the Temen Main Community also has a social activity that they named "Playing to Share". This play activity works in collaboration with Visi Maha Karya Foundation to help underprivileged physically disabled people.


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