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Remarkable Things of Kuretakeso Hotel Jakarta

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24, June 2019

Those who often strolling around Kemang might be familiar with this hotel named Kuretakeso. This 4-star hotel has several branches in Asia, including Hanoi and Seoul. Staying here, you can find three remarkable things you will not find at other hotels. Let’s check this one out!

1. Tatami Room

photo source: kuretakesoindonesia.com

Kuretakeso is easy to find, located in the South Jakarta, Jalan Bangka Raya No. 7A to be exact. It can be easily reach with any public transportations. Walking through the lobby, the atmosphere of Japan follows. It can be seen as well from wood material and wall decorations.

Kuretakeso has 108 rooms consist of three different types, Deluxe Room, Executive Room and Tatami Room. Kuretakeso is the only one hotel has Tatami Room. Tatami Room itself is a room without couch for the bed. They replace the couch with tatami, a rush-covered straw mat forming a traditional Japanese floor covering.

2. Onsen

photo source: a-hotel.com

Kuretakeso does not provide swimming pool hence they have onsen. Onsen refers to public hot bath. Soaking here is the right choice for simple relaxation before bed. Hot bath has been proven to burn some calories, relaxing your mind as well as maintain blood sugar.

3. Manga Corner

photo source: travelingyuk.com

Another place give you real Japanese ambience is their Manga Corner. This distinct facility you cannot find in other hotels has a wide array of anime collection for manga enthusiasts. This simple room equipped with a large shelf of complete anime collection, large bean bags, Instagrammable wall and perfect lighting to read your favourite one.

Perfect choice, right? So, there is no reason not to choose Kuretakeso Hotel for your next staycation or even business trip.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani