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Reverso The Right Way to Use English

Reverso The Right Way to Use English


Are you an English novel writer? Or are you working in a place that needs fluency on English? Now you don’t have to carry English dictionary around or even a grammar book. Just with internet access, you can check if your work has already spelled right and use the right grammar.

Through www.reverso.net, you can just type the paragraph that you want to check, and voila! This site will automatically correct the mistake in your text accurately, in fast time, and correctly according to the right grammar. Besides for grammar and spelling, you can also use this site to look for synonym, antonym, and definition of a word or phrase.

Not only English, Reverso can also be used for French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabian, and Japanese. Not only from computer, this site can also be accessed from your smartphone. Simple, right? With Reverso, you will no need to doubt on using English!