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Revitalizing Your Body at Karada

By Isny Dewi R

24 April 2019

Karada revitalizes your body with special techniques.

Your daily activities often make you feel tired, and aches. Well, to restore your body fitness because of the dense activity, you can go to one of the best therapy places in Jakarta, Karada, the leading therapy centre from Japan. Here, not massage as you would normally get. Karada analyzes every therapeutic technique in the world, develops, sorts and forms special techniques called AP (Atlas Pelvis) Balance.

AP Balance is a therapy that focuses on identifying the causes of discomfort, aligning the atlas bones and pelvis to increase blood flow and improve your posture. Alignment of the atlas bones is the key to your body balance. Karada promotes this therapeutic innovation in health care, provides services that you want and adjusted to your needs.

Generally, regular massage salons or spas only help to relax the stiff muscles in your body, but the relaxation sense is only temporary. As with the one that Karada has to offer. The therapy centre will help you overcome the source of body problems (pain) to prevent it from coming again. Generally the pain is not sourced in the muscles, but in the condition of the bones that are not parallel. Massage salons can generally relieve muscle aches, but are only done during treatment session. Karada is indeed not a place for relaxation, but rather for revitalization.

Besides AP Balance, Karada also offers body treatment, foot treatment, and AP Special. Treatment prices starting at Rp. 180,000 with a minimum duration of 30 minutes. In Jakarta, there are at least four Karada outlets, including Taman Anggrek Mall, Ratu Plaza, PIK Avenue and WTC 2 Sudirman.

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