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Revive Yourself with Special Moroccan Bath at Spa & Beyond

Revive Yourself with Special Moroccan Bath at Spa & Beyond



Running out of idea to spoil yourself with high quality yet best value spa? There is plenty great spas in Jakarta, like this one, Spa & Beyond. For those live or work in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, you will probably not miss this one out.

The basic difference between Spa & Beyond and another is their special Moroccan treatments. So, what kind of Moroccan spa they offer?  Spa & Beyond offering special Moroccan Bath treatment. Just like Mediterranean princess, it only use 100% Moroccan Beauty products.

Your treatment starts with body steaming, next to it there will be body exfoliating with black soap, a bar soap for perfect soft and smooth skin using loofah, gloves made from Moroccan plant fibers getting under your dead skin and whole body massage with argan oil. There are also another step to complete your treatment with Spa & Beyond, body mask for 15 minutes and milk bath.

Spa & Beyond makes all Mediterranean spa treatments to revive and spoil yourself. You can also try another treatment like creambath or hair styling as well as spa. Please kindly chech Spa & Beyond website down below to find your perfect treatments! Revive your soul at Spa & Beyond!



Jl. Prof. Dr. Joko Sutono No. 7A, Tirtayasa, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160