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Rhea’s Chamber, Perfect Combination of Salon and Spa

Rhea’s Chamber, Perfect Combination of Salon and Spa


(021) 295 28494

Rhea’s Chamber, located in Kemang area, is popular among beauty enthusiasts as one of the best salon and spa that offering unique concept and treatments you should not miss.

Applying total inside and outside concept, Rhea’s Chamber offering a great amount treatments to balance your body, mind and inner beauty. Occupied the 2nd floor of Lippo Mall Kemang, feel the European touch in every single corner and its decorations.

The first room is a salon, you can have a haircut, creambath also manicure and pedicure. This one is hijab-friendly salon, there is also professional hair stylist to make your hijab more beautiful.

Next, there is massage and body scrub rooms, non-VIP and VIP. Non-VIP rooms provide with unique equipment named Rainbow Water Drop. It applied shooting water technology, made specially resembles rain drops spray all over your body with adjustable pressure. You can try that unique equipment right after massage and scrub.

By wearing a cloth, you will asked to lay above thin matrass. When you find best position, your body will spray with water in a certain pressure. That pressure helps boost blood circulation also managing stress.

Lastly, there is facial and foot spa rooms. Professional therapists ready to replace tiredness with comfortable and relax sense of body and mind. Rhea’s offering you a great amount, reasonably-priced treatments, starts from Rp60.000 to Rp700.000,-. Want to feel unique sensation while pampering yourself? Visit Rhea’s Chamber at Lippo Mall Kemang, 2nd Floor, South Jakarta.



Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 36, Kemang, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan 12150


(021) 295 28494