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Right Investment for Your Children’s Future

By Eskanisa R

10 November 2020

Best investment option available for your children.

Photo source: Pixabay

Parents want to be the best they can be for their children. They want their children living a worthy life in the future. As much as they realize that living cost is getting more expensive every single year. To ensure your children lliving a decent life in the future, full of good things to be experienced, here is right investment you need to prepare from an early stage.

1. Education Insurance
Current cost of education will be much different from your children’s cost in the future. Not to mention the inflation which has significant impact for education cost. Preparing education insurance at early age is one of the best right investments to deal with uncertainty.
This type of investment issued by insurance company that requires you to pay a premium monthly in the amount and period of time agreed in the beginning when you applying the policy. As the name implies, insurance, this long-term investment can be claimed when policyholder dies and children as the beneficiary of your policy get the benefit or with maturity benefits for a period of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

2. Education Savings Account
If education insurance issued by insurance company, this second investment issued by conventional bank. The process of opening education savings account is quite easy, you only need to open a new account at conventional bank, saving a fixed amount monthly, and get back the money along with interest. To make it you easier, choose an auto debit system where a fixed amount will be withdrawed from your main account and transferred to children’s account.

3. Gold
Gold in form of bar or coin is the other right investment for your children’s future. Choose 99.99 percent pure gold which valuable than jewelry you can use as emergency fund in the future. Besides, the price of gold is stable, tends to rise, and excellent hedge against inflation. Moreover, the price even higher over time. So, gold is seen as a good store of value to ensure your children living a decent life.

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