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A Touch of Indonesian Natural Wealth in a Hotel

A Touch of Indonesian Natural Wealth in a Hotel

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Inspired by Indonesian wealth of nature, Ritz-Carlton represents Indonesian natural wealth by their unique and luxurious hotel concept. Ritz-Carlton picks place in the middle of the town where people can easily approach their society needs, such as Mega Kuningan. Besides it is strategic to the nearby office area, the hotel is also surrounded by green environment. But you will feel some different ambiance by the rooms and facilities.

Each room has 3.5 meters wide and 11.5 feet height. Decorated with glass window to make you possible enjoying the view of Jakarta’s city from your room. Completed with TV, private bathroom, complete toiletries, and dressing table. Also with super-fast internet connection, you will feel so content staying at this hotel. Don’t forget that you can also enjoy the outdoor swimming pool, sauna, spa, fitness center, meeting room, plus restaurant and bar. A night may not be enough to enjoy all of these awesome hotel facilities!


Jl. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav. E1.1 No. 1, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950


+62 21 25518888


+62 21 25518889

Operational Hours

24 hours