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Showing Off Indonesian Street Food

Showing Off Indonesian Street Food

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Although bread is not originated from Indonesia, but it is very popular because of many Indonesian people love it. This triggers Roti Bakar Eddy opened its stall (roti bakar is Indonesian toasted bread). This street food in the south of Jakarta never lose their crowd day by day. Started with one stall, now you can find Roti Bakar Eddy in many areas such as Ciledug, Kalimalang, Kemang, Prapanca, and Tebet.

With same concept in every stalls, Roti Bakar Eddy gives you a simple street food concept under a tent with chairs and tables. Turns out, this concept makes Roti Bakar Eddy so popular. This modest street food spot can sell hundreds of toasts with various flavors.

The menu comes in unique names. One of them is based on an automotive engine, such as toast filled with cornet beef, egg, and cheese, is named with 2TG. There are also names by the abbreviation of the toast flavors, such as Roti Bakar Coke, with cokelat (chocolate) and keju (cheese) or Roti Bakar Kaco, with kacang (peanut) and cokelat (chocolate).

You can also try the other side dishes just like in a warung kopi (Indonesian traditional street coffee shop), such as instant noodles with egg and cornet beef, or Nasi Uduk with various side dishes. You will be accompanied with some Indonesian street musicians passing around and singing for you. So you can feel the real Indonesian street food experience.


Jl. Raden Patah, Blok M, Jakarta

Operational Hours

18.00 - 00.00 WIB