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Perfect Place to Have Some Fun and Learn

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
21, December 2017

You may get bored take kids over mall playground. Skip the boredom and try this perfect place to children in Bintaro neighbourhood, South Jakarta. Rumah Main Main instantly becomes more attractive to children with indoor and outdoor play area. Rumah Main Main is easy to reach, located next to one of popular coffee shop in Bintaro, Pigeonhole.

This one might be look ordinary on the outside, but hides a sorting of educational toys for children, like balloons pool, horse toys, indoor playset and many more. Indoor area also equipped with AC, English music and free Wi-Fi to dismiss parents boredom.

Meanwhile, outdoor area equipped with another fun toys, like seesaw, trampoline, swings and slides. It also equipped with a net to retain heat while you come during the day. ticket is valid for a whole day, when kids get bored and want to get out for a bit and feel free to coming back again as long as the ticket is not lost.

Rumah Main Main often hold holiday program and interesting class to spend with, like Kids Yoga Club, Robotic Club, Traditional Dance Club and Fun Iqro. Rumah Main Main ticket worth for Rp25.000 – Rp45.000 a person. Do not forget to bring your own socks! Let’s play!

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani