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Run Your Imagination Wild at Hide & Seek Swillhouse

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
02, March 2016

Hello again, weekend! It’s already Friday again. Do you have plans for your weekend yet? If not, you can try this place for hangout. Hide & Seek Swillhouse offers various signature cocktails that can accompany your night. Besides cocktails, they also serve whiskey, cognacs, and bourbons.

Being here is like taken into a Victorian era or to the West America, because the interior design is styled with steampunk, a creation of imaginative technology in 1800s when machines were fueled by steam. You can find here decorations of rustic pipes and gears in which the Hide & Seek logo is placed in its center.

Not only liquors, they also serve coffee and tea if you don’t drink alcohol. Also, they serve food that you can share in a group: the 1 kg Wagyu ‘Entrecote’. It is the US premium wagyu beef that is served with stir-fry vegetables, side dish and sauce. The whole 1 kg can serve 3-4 people.

There are also other menus like burger, sandwich, and pasta. If you prefer lighter meal, try the Barbecued Buffalo Wings they serve with homemade barbecue sauce that can accompany your chats with friends. Don’t forget to make a reservation before you come!

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono