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Runwheel Indonesia Introducing Hoverboard as a Transportation

Runwheel Indonesia Introducing Hoverboard as a Transportation


If generation Y so proud of their autopad, another case with generation Z who lives and grows in a modern era like now, have the most advanced transportation, hoverboard.

Hoverboard is a transport resembling a skateboard that travels above the surface of the ground, ridden in a standing position.. In Indonesia, hoverboard has been familiar, and its communities has been existed. But Runwheel Indonesia is the most popular hoverboard community.

Born in 7 June 2015, hoverboard which has been popular in Indonesia since the beginning of 2015, makes some Indonesian curious and interested to try.

Hoverboard’s challenge in Jakarta is unpredictable. Most streets in Jakarta made from asphalt. That’s why it’s pity for they who have been bought hoverboard but still don’t understand the basic of it and how to use it. Also because of that, created an idea to establish a hoverboard community.

Runwheel Indonesia wants to bring hoverboard’s image as a unique and anti-mainstream transportation. They also wants to change people’s mindset who considering hoverboard as a harm transportation, become a useful and easy to use transportation.

They want to make sure people that hoverboard is a eco-friendly transportation, because it is only use battery and with no use fuel at all. To use it just like you walk by foot, you should keep your body balance and need kinetic motion.

About the activity, this community always hold an activity in every weekend, especially in Car Free Day (CFD) or at Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) area. In this opportunity, they usually do showcase to show people how to use hoverboard right.

They also not hesitate to lend their hoverboard to people who want to try. This is a part of their socialization to people so they can feel how fun when you use hoverboard. If you want try, you can even join with Runwheel Indonesia in the same opportunity. Don’t worry if you have not hoverboard yet!

Although hoverboard still can’t replace conventional transportation like motorcycle and car, this community hopes, in the next future hoverboard can be used by so many Indonesian as their transportation. A lot of members use this to go somewhere. Although it needs extra efforts, they very enjoy it instead of burdened.