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Safe and Convenient Tips to Use Gadgets

Safe and Convenient Tips to Use Gadgets


Entering this digital era, gadget is hardly separated from our everyday life. Not only smartphone, there are also other gadgets that we use every day, such as laptop, computer, and TV. That’s why, check out these safe and convenient tips to use gadgets!

1. Smartphone
This gadget is almost always in our hands, that’s why there are several things that you need to note. First thing to avoid is using smartphone while driving because it will distract you. Use the hands-free or connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth feature if available. Secondly, don’t play with your smartphone while it’s charging, because the temperature of your smartphone will quickly become hot. Third, use your left ear to answer your phone, the reason is because taking a phone call using your right ear will directly give a bad effect to your brain.

2. Laptop
If you are using laptop for a long term, do a stretching at least once per hour. This to reduce a tired muscle and improves blood circulation. Use a laptop table so you can have a comfortable sitting position, avoid on putting your laptop on your lap for too long so your thigh and other body parts don’t get too exposed on the radiation from the laptop. Avoid on putting a soft material under the laptop, because it can cover and trap the heat from the laptop. Because of that, choose a laptop base with good air ventilation.

3. Computer
Put the monitor in a safe and comfortable distance, ideally monitor is put at least 50 cm from eye sight. Make sure you can see clearly all of the words and pictures on the monitor. Change your sitting position periodically and avoid on keep staring at the monitor for a long time. Look away from the monitor in every 20 minutes, look at a dark green color because it can be your alternative view. Make circles with your wrists to loosen up your joint for typing and moving the mouse too much. Don’t forget to drink much water to avoid muscle and joint cramp.

4. Television
Adjust your TV color with your eye comfort level. This adjustment can be done from the TV’s setting menu. Avoid on watching in darkness in the night because too much light is not good for your eyes. If you have TV in your room, it is better to turn it off before you go to bed, or use a timer that will automatically turn off the TV so you will not get the TV’s radiation continuously.