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Safe Browsing for Kids with Kiddle.co

Safe Browsing for Kids with Kiddle.co


You don’t have to worry of introducing internet to your kids, because there is a search engine site for kids that supported by Google. Kindle.co is a site that is provided with Safe Search system made by Google with pastel pink design and a space robot cartoon as its icon.

Every keyword that your children search will be filtered by the Kiddle editor team, as the first to third result page will show the safe sites and are written especially for kids. For example, if your kids are looking for a celebrity contents or about infotainment, Kiddle will only show the informative and educative results such as the celebrity’s biography.  

For now, the results for the fourth to seventh pages are using common language for adults but still easy to understand for kids. Starting from the eighth and next pages will be harder to be understood by the kids because it will be the sites that are general results for adults, but already filtered by Google Safe Search. Parents can also request for a blocking of certain site or keyword. Now let’s make your children explore things safely with Kiddle.co!