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Safe Driving Tips for Women

Safe Driving Tips for Women


Now, many women drive alone to go somewhere. If you are one of them, you should be careful because of the gender issue that judges women as an easy target for criminal act. So, check out these safe driving tips for women in this article below!

1. Wear Proper Clothes
Avoid showing too much skin with your clothes, such as mini skirt because it will be difficult for you when getting out of the car. Besides that, those clothing can draw people’s attention when your car stopped in traffic light, for example. So, wear proper clothes in order not to be a center of attention.

2. Avoid Wearing Too Much Jewelry
Same with clothes, wearing too much jewelry will also draw people’s attention. There might be a chance for criminals that will try to take your jewelry away. So, if you are planning to wear some, it is better to keep it first then wear it when you arrived at your destination.

3. Wear Comfy Shoes
Driving while wearing high heels can make you uncomfortable and it is also dangerous because the heels will make you difficult to step. So, when you step on the brake pedal, your step will not be maximal. Use other footwear such as casual shoes that is comfortable and anti-slip, then you can change it to your heels when arrived at the destination.

4. Hide Your Belongings
Your purse, laptop bag, wallet, or other valuables are better to be hidden so you don’t draw criminal’s attention. You can put the valuables near you or under the passenger’s seat or you can hide them under a blanket or pillow so it will not be seen directly when people look to inside your car.

5. Always Lock Your Car
After you get into your car, always lock the door to avoid robbery, where the criminal opened the door right after you get into the car. With locking the door, you can avoid that kind of robbery.

6. Do Not Stop at a Quiet Place
Avoid stopping at a quiet place where no one is around. This kind of place becomes a ‘nest’ of criminal act. This place can make the criminals easily do their act because there will be less people who will see and the victim will have difficulty to ask for help.

7. Avoid Coming Home Late
Late night is the peak time of criminals to do their act. Because of that, if you are driving alone, you better avoid coming home late. If you really have to, ask someone to accompany you along the way.