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Safety Tips for Traveling with Pets

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16, January 2018

The act petting your pets, cat or dog, can relax you as well as be noticeably for them. Even playing with your pets can help relieve stress. After that, have your pets come along for a vacation can be fun. But, not as easy as it sounds. Here are some tips to help ensure that your trip is as safe as possible. 

1. Do not let your pets sit on your lap in the car

According to animal rescuer, Doni Herdaru Tona, the first thing to consider is not let your pets sit on your lap in the car. That is not safe, it can be dangerous for both, driver and pets. Putting your pet back seat is very good idea. Let your pets sit on your lap has negative consequences then run the risk of break your concentration.

2. Use carrier or crate

When traveling by car, keep your pets in a secured carrier for yours and their protection. Make sure the carrier is comfortable as well as their bed, you can put blanket or towel on it. Some pets, like cats would prefer to stay in their own world, so they are more likely not enjoy getting out.

3. Bring food and drink

However, there is a rule to feed them before travelling. Two hours before travelling, you shouldn’t give heavy food to stop vomiting in dogs or cats, because they might have eaten something that upset their stomach. Take drink and treats along. Don’t forget to frequently refill your pet fresh water.

4. Lock up a car door and window

Make sure your doors and windows locked. If you don’t use carrier or crate and prefer use harness, this one is very useful, in case your dogs or cats can reach and press the window button. 

5. Good ventilation system

Either use carrier or harness, good ventilation system to create a friendly atmosphere for the pets is required. It will keep your pets as comfortable as possible. Make sure you get enough rest on a long trip to check your pets condition. Also make sure to refill their water, give them treats or get rid pee and poop.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani