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Street Ramen Bar with Strong Japanese Ambiance

By Isny Dewi R

16 October 2020

Sai Ramen carries the concept of a street ramen bar with an appearance similar to Japanese ramen restaurants.

Photo source: Pexels
Do you like eating ramen? If so, have you tasted ramen at this brand-new restaurant? If not, you should take your time to enjoy ramen at this place because it's different than the others.
Unlike other ramen restaurants that are located inside malls or shop houses, Sai Ramen is actually outside the room. This ramen restaurant in Serpong, Tangerang carries the concept of a street ramen bar with an appearance similar to Japanese ramen restaurants. The name "Sai" itself means "Again" in Japanese.
Photo source: Instagram @sai.ramen
Sai Ramen can be found on the outside of Synergy Building. Because the concept is a street ramen bar, don't be surprised if this outlet is not too big, it can only accommodate about 16 people. Even so, because it is outdoor with lots of trees, the atmosphere is quite cool. The place, which has a thick Japanese nuance, also makes visitors interested in taking pictures.
You can choose the Original menu for Rp 43,000 if you are confused about choosing. This menu contains noodles, mushrooms, chicken chashu, boiled egg, corn, nori, and green onions. The ramen here is made in Kyoto style. The broth has been cooked for 14 hours beforehand, so it has thick texture and strong aroma. The noodles are small and taste chewy. The chicken chashu pieces are quite thick with soft texture. The ramen is so delicious with savory taste and a touch of sweetness from the corn pieces.
Photo source: Instagram @sai.ramen
For drinks, Sai Ramen provides ocha tea that can be refilled. Especially for serving refilled tea, this outlet applies self service system. Visitors can pour their own tea into their glasses from the teapots that have been provided on the table.
If you are interested in tasting ramen at Sai Ramen, try to arrive early before they are sold out. Because this ramen shop in Serpong only provides around 150 to 170 servings per day. The ramen here is also guaranteed halal.

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Sai Ramen
Synergy Building, Jl. Jalur Sutera Bar. No.Kav 17, Pinang, Tangerang

Open Hours:

Setiap hari: 10.00 – habis