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Sanjung Sari Pursie Achieve Success from Her Hobby

By Isny Dewi R

02 May 2019

Sanjung Sari Pursie, the founder of Sancraft.

It's no secret if a hobby can be the beginning of a business to reap profit. At least that's what happened to Sanjung Sari Pursie. The 28-year-old woman started her business, Sancraft from her drawing hobby. She created the hobby according to her taste with a combination of Indonesian iconic design and it becomes a useful product and can be used by many people.

Initially, Sanjung has drawing doodles hobby, then it crossed to make her doodle pictures as something useful for others. She admitted, the business carried out since 2010 was initially only a small business to filled her spare time when her college had entered the final semester. At that time, she tried to makes totebag painting.

Sanjung didn't think there were some famous department stores who were interested with her works. Sanjung who did not understand about the business, but there were offers from several department stores, making her interested in partnering with them.

To facilitate her work, Sanjung turned her painting into digital form. The products she made were more varied. Starting from postcard, greeting card, key chain, sticker pack, notebook, pouche, doll pillow, artwork, to scarve. Sanjung sells her products ranging from Rp. 12,000 to Rp. 325,000.

These products are then supplied to several stores such as Alun-alun Grand Indonesia, Dialogue and 2madison. Not until that, the business began to spread to the international market. The Azerbaijan embassy had asked Sancraft to fill the embassy event there. Sancraft also stopped in Japan a few months ago and received a warm welcome. As a local brand, this momentum is used to introduce Indonesian products through unique icons to foreign countries. Unexpectedly, many foreigners like and are interested, so Indonesian characteristics are more uplifted in a fun way.

Sanjung admitted, the initial capital of her business was only around Rp. 500,000. Now, she can earn up to tens of millions in a month thanks to her drawing hobby.