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Facing Deadline with Simple Steps

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
06, May 2019

Every kind of job related to deadlines. Unfortunately, most people take deadlines as a big burden in their lives. In other way, deadlines providing a lot of benefits, such as creating great daily work rhythm. These following simple steps help you to face deadlines in easy way.

1. Complete Most Difficult Task

If you start with the most difficult one, it will be easier. Once, the difficult one get done, other tasks will be easy. One thing to note is time management, you can complete each tasks, both difficult or easy one in a right time.

2. Say No to Phone

Smartphone make your life easier while you can do many things including doing your tasks everywhere, but when you are facing deadlines, it would be better to turn off your phone. Why? Because to give your tasks full concertation is not easy. For example, while you are doing your tasks then coming a call, chat even message, your concertation immediately disappear. Instead of turn off your phone, you can also turn off mobile data or simply turn on the airplane more. 

3. Listen to Your Favourite Music

According to research, music helps gaining brain ability. For a long time, music known to help improving focus, sharpen memory and reducing stress. It also related to your choice of music, for example, classical music helps improve your focus, while pop music is a great choice to improve your enthusiasms for work.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani