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Satpam Mantap, Useful Free App Helps Report Crimes

By Eskanisa R

06 Jan 2020

Satpam Mantap makes you easier to report crimes.

Satpam Mantap is a digital application launched by Polda Metro Jaya. Users of iOS and Android can download this free application through App Store and Play Store. Polda Metro Jaya cooperates with satpam (security unit) which has direct access with public in number of public places such as offices, markets, banking and shopping areas to both prevent and report crimes.

In short, Satpam Mantap makes reporting crimes easier. This application which received award from MURI (Indonesian Record Museum) as the very first digital application has public services with helpful features as listed down below:

1. Recommendation

This is an online registration form used to establish business license. With this feature, your business have the official license and data of security personnel will be automatically recorded.

2. Registration of Security Services Business License (BUJP)

This feature showing full identity of security personnel on duty from member card (KTA) and validity of BUJP license.

3. Panic Button

If there is a crime around security personnel on duty, this panic button can immediately pressed and personnel of Polda Metro Jaya will come as soon as possible to the crime scene. Types of cases can be reported with Satpam Mantap are violence, theft of robbery, kidnapping, rape and murder.

4. News

Feature allows users update newest information around Indonesia.

Afterwards, through this application, security personnel in Indonesia will be automatically recorded, both those already registered and fully trained with their certifications.