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Save Street Child Community, Caring for Marginalized Children

Save Street Child Community, Caring for Marginalized Children



Through their official Twitter account @savestreetchild by Shei Latiefah, no one thinks this independent community successfully metamorphosed became bigger community that continuously offering free-cost education for marginalized children.

Since 2011, Save Street Child became a forum for young generations to share their knowledge and experience with other. Through cost-free classes, the volunteers dedicated their time to taking care of marginalized children who barely have the right access to learn. Because of so many reason, like lower income, they are trying to teach a lot of things, reading, writing, calculating also special skills to make handmade craft increasing children and their family income.

You can easily spot some free classes, such as Jakarta, Tangerang, and Bogor, West Java. Every classes managed by volunteers who live nearby, so they can approach local resident in easy and good way.

Meanwhile its cost-free, Save Street Child selective enough to choose their volunteers. First, briefing was given by those who willingly spend their free time as volunteers. Some lessons, like introduction of children characteristic, special methods to approach and make them feel comfort to express themselves. Want to give a shot? For further information about Save Street Child, kindly check their contact detail down below.