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Save the Environment while Shopping at This Zero Waste Shop

By Eskanisa R

10 September 2020

The first zero-waste shop in Bogor.

Photo source: SELAMA

Nowadays, zero-waste lifestyle has emerged urban people to practice sustainability at home. This surely interesting concept where you get used to living a life without generating any trash. The concept of waste-free living actually can be used at each phase of each cycle starts from your home. Start with simplest thing you are doing almost every single day, shopping.
The existence of a zero-waste shop including this first zero-waste shop in Bogor, Selama helps those who trying to use less plastic. As entering their door, you can spot row of glass jars on shelves, neatly arranged based on its groups—food, seasonings, to home products.

Photo source: SELAMA

As the concept they are offering, you should bring your own container or jars to store your needs. Simply because they have no single-use plastics. All products you choose will be weighed before purchased. You only need to pay weight stuff on your own container.
Here you can find quality eco-friendly local products from rice, flour, spices, organic veggies (pre-order) to vary body care products including natural bar soaps, bamboo toothbrushes, and broom made of coconut hust.  

Photo source: SELAMA
They have analog rice (made of corn) and organic brown rice which low in calories, rich in fiber and vitamins as best choice for healthy diet. Shopping at zero-waste stores, bring your own containers and bags definitely make you more aware how much food and other necessities you relay need to help save the environment and buy less unnecessary things you actually do not need at all.

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Ruang Natura, Jalan Cikabuyutan No. 3, Bogor

Open Hours:

Selasa – Minggu, 10.00 – 18.00 WIB (until further notice)

More Information:

Phone: 081959758809