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Scooter Bee 17 Proves Motorcycle is Not for Men Only

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22, October 2019

The automotive world is closely related to men. However, over the times, many women who like it. Like this one community, Scooter Bee 17. If the automotive community is usually dominated by men, this community is actually filled by tough women.

Formed in 2017 at Mitra Teras Gatot Subroto, Scooter Bee 17 wants to prove that not only men like motorcycle. This community then gathers women who like to ride Vespa, both automatic and clutch. However, Scooter Bee 17 is the same as other automotive communities.

Since it was first formed, Scooter Bee 17 has about 30 female members with the same interest. To join this Vespa community, you can contact via direct message on Instagram or e-mail that is listed on Instagram. With special conditions, of course, they must be women and have a Vespa, and are willing to be active both in the group and if there is an event invitation.

Scooter Bee 17 itself has routine activities, one of which is Kopdar (gathering) every Friday. In addition, the women's automotive community also often holds other activities such as touring outside the city. Well, for women who love Vespa, it might good to join this community.


Top Image Source: Instagram @scooterbee17

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.