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Traditional Dish with Modern Taste

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
16, February 2016

People of Indonesia would consider a meal is not complete without rice. Accustomed with eating rice everyday, they won’t feel sufficient before eating rice on lunch and dinner. But you don’t have to worry to feel insufficient if you eat at Segoan. Just like its name, Segoan (Sego means rice in Javanese) serves everything with rice.

You can create your own menu by choosing the type of rice here. They have white rice, red rice, and savory rice. To accompany the rice, there are Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken) or Ayam Goreng Bumbu Rujak (fried chicken with rujak sauce), Iga Penyet (beef ribs), Krengsengan Lidah Sapi (cow’s tongue), Daging Bakar Tumbar (grilled beef with coriander), Cumi Tinta (squid ink), and many more. These all are the favorite dishes at Segoan. There are also Nasi Goreng Cumi Ireng (black squid fried rice) and Nasi Goreng Jawa (Javanese fried rice). It’s all about rice!

If you don’t feel enough, you can add the Tempe Mendoan (tempeh cooked in Mendoan style), Tahu or Tempe Bacem (tofu or tempeh cooked in Bacem style), Telur Ceplok Rica (fried egg with rica herbs), or Bakwan Jagung (corn fritters). There are also various chips to complete your meal with crunchy snacks. For the beverages, they serve Es Sirup Tjampolay or SAP Moka if you miss the old drinks. There are also many options of teas, coffees, and fresh fruit juices. They may serve Indonesian signature traditional dishes, but the restaurant is packaged with modern style. No wonder many youths seen to dine here. Are you interested to try?

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono