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#SelasaBerkebaya Preserving the Culture of Kebaya

By Eskanisa R

03 August 2020

Wearing kebaya proudly as daily outfit.

Photo source: MNC Update

It is obvious that we can help to preserve our culture in so many easy ways like wearing kebaya as daily outfit. Komunitas Perempuan Berkebaya Indoensia (community where women wearing kebaya) which found in 2014 encouraging women to start wearing kebaya for daily activities.
Through the hashtag SelasaBerkebaya, this community has been gaining attention on social media as a movement to encourage young women to wear uniquely Indonesian kebaya every Tuesday for any activities—go to the office, market, and so forth.
Some of them wearing kebaya with kain, while others also wearing accessories to achieve more casual look. They want this movement achieve as well as bring kebaya back into the spotlight and hope to young women start wearing kebaya as real outfit not for cosplay only.
As reported from BBC Indonesia, member of this community, Yanti as an architect said wearing kebaya for daily activities is not as difficult as imagined. She even said wearing kebaya while going to her spot work or riding ojek.
“I am wearing kebaya often while going to projects, going up and down stairs even riding ojek. Still comfortable.”
People in different cities also flooding the hashtag #SelasaBerkebaya with their best kebaya outfit every Tuesday.

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