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This Premium Concept Store is Now Available at Grand Indonesia

By Isny Dewi R

28 October 2020

Sephora just opened its newest outlet in Grand Indonesia with more premium concept.

Photo source: Pexels

Recently, Sephora just opened its newest outlet in Grand Indonesia with more premium concept than other outlets, in order to provide more enjoyable shopping experience for customers.
You can even immediately see the difference since entering the shop, here you can choose from three available marker cards. First, a black card which indicates you just want to have a look, a red card that indicates you already know what product you want to buy, and a white card that indicates you need help from a BA or Beauty Advisor.
At this newest outlet, Sephora has an area that specializes in displaying newly launched beauty products. You can find this area near the entrance, which makes it easier for you to access or find the latest products available at Sephora Indonesia.
Apart from that, there are also separate skincare and makeup areas. The skincare area at the Sephora New Concept Store is dominated by black, white and pink, which has girly and calming impression. Meanwhile, the makeup area is dominated by black and red which gives bold impression.
The difference between these two areas can also be found in the glass and lighting. The color of the lights can be adjusted according to your needs, so you can more easily choose what color that suits your skintone. Interestingly, this area is also equipped with supplies such as cotton wool, makeup remover, cotton buds, spollies, alcohol, and disinfectants.
Opened in the midst of a pandemic, Sephora Grand Indonesia outlet certainly applies health protocols. For example, all tester products here use disposable applicator and are sterilized immediately. BAs on duty also always use masks and face shields, so you don't need to doubt their safety and comfort.

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Sephora New Concept Store
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