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Serve Real Lobster, This is a Viral Meatballs in Bekasi

By Eskanisa R

13 August 2020

Other delicious menu also available starts from Rp15.000.

Photo source: anak.kuliner

This savory soupy dish can be easily found in Jakarta, either roadside stalls or even restaurants that offering delicious meatballs as their main menu. Welcoming rainy season, the warmth of a bowl meatballs definitely pamper your taste buds and stomach. Hence, these unique meatballs went viral by meatball enthusiasts.

As the name implies, Lobster Meatballs Geger Armada located in Permata Regency 2, Cibitung, Bekasi offering mouth-watering Lobster meatballs with a whole quite big Lobster. They using a whole Lobster to give a different sensation to enjoy meatballs in unique ways. They do not shred the meat and mix into the meatball mixture. To enjoy the delicacy of peeling Lobster, you need to eat meatball first covering Lobster shell then start to eat the tender sweet meat of Lobster.
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It costs only Rp40.000 for a bowl of Lobster meatballs. It is surely worth the price! Make sure to come in the morning when there is no queue. Lobster Meatballs Geger Armada open from 10 am. Also do not forget to wear your masks, wash your hands before eating or using hand sanitizer, and keep a safe distance with other meatball enthusiasts.

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