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Sharing Knowledge with Akademi Berbagi

By Victoria Tunggono

15 December 2015

Sharing Knowledge with Akademi Berbagi

Do you feel like want to have more knowledge? Rather not doing anything, it is better for you to learn with Akademi Berbagi (Sharing Academy). This community is a non-profit social movement that moves anyone who wants to be a teacher or tutor to share knowledge from every field such as advertising, journalistic, photography, music, business, and many more. Teachers can also come from board of directors of a company, for example CEO of Detikcom, Budiono Darsono, CEO of GE, Handry Satriago, and many more.

Participants can choose their field of interest and join the classes which held in 26 cities in all over Indonesia. The class schedules can be seen on Akademi Berbagi’s official website and social media. On their website, Akademi Berbagi also provides the teaching’s slide materials which you can read if you don’t have time to join their classes. But, did you know that Akademi Berbagi’s classes can be held in a café or restaurant? Yup! Besides learning on new knowledge, you can also have more friends from other participants. Interested to join?


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