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Shop for Lunar New Year at Petak Sembilan

Shop for Lunar New Year at Petak Sembilan


The Chinese New Year is 5 days away. If you still need to shop for the holiday, you can try the Petak Sembilan. The road is located at Glodok area, West Jakarta, and provides all kinds of Chinese New Year ornaments. There are sellers of lanterns in various sizes and models, wall decors, door ornaments, and money envelopes that are usually given to the children and unmarried relatives. The prices are varied, so you can have a great time surveying and exploring the market.

The shops here had been famous since the time of Dutch colonials, and had been known as the most favorite shopping centre for the Chinese. Especially on the days before the Lunar New Year, the road will be crowded with buyers, because the holiday is the most-awaited time for family gathering. People are decorating their homes to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and this year is for the Monkeys with element of fire. Now, happy shopping for the New Year!


Jl. Petak Sembilan, Glodok, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia