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The Pioneer of Jamu Company with Pharmaceutical Standards

The Pioneer of Jamu Company with Pharmaceutical Standards




Who doesn’t know the jamu (Indonesian herb) Tolak Angin which famous with “Orang Pintar Minum Tolak Angin” (smart people drink Tolak Angin) tagline? It’s the product of PT Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk., or better known with the name of Sido Muncul. The company that is established since 1951 also led PT Semarang Herbal Indo Plants as provider of jamu industry materials, PT Muncul Mekar as product distributor, and PT Berlico Mulia Farma in the pharmacy industry. How about the beginning of this jamu industry?

Starting from the desire of Siem Thiam Hie and his wife, Mrs. Rakhmat Sulistio, that started Melkrey milk business in Ambarawa. In 1928, they’re out of business because of the Malese war that devastated the world. This couple then moved to Solo and opened a bakery with the name of Roti Muncul. Five years later, with the skill of Mrs. Sulistio for processing jamu and spices, they decided to open their jamu business in Yogyakarta. The year of 1941 became the beginning of Jamu Tolak Angin production that was once named Jamu Tujuh Angin. When Dutch colonial war happened in 1949, this couple evacuated to Semarang and started their jamu home industry with three employees in 1951 with the name of Sido Muncul, which means “a dream come true”.

The year of 1970 became the year of registration of CV Industri Jamu & Farmasi Sido Muncul, which then changed to Perseroan Terbatas in 1975 with the name PT Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul. Along with the increasing of market demand, the factory was relocated to Small Industrial Estate in Kaligawe, Semarang, in 1984. There was built the factory with modern machine. In 1997, they finally built a bigger factory and more modern in Ungaran where Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X was the person who put the first milestone and was seen by Directorate General of POM at the time. This factory was inaugurated in November 11, 2000, and got two certifications which are Cara Pembuatan Obat Traditional yang Baik (guidelines to make good traditional medicine) equals with pharmacy standard. This certification made Sido Muncul as the pioneer of jamu company with pharmaceutical standards.

By keep innovating, Sido Muncul spread its wings by making food division in 2004, which produced Kuku Bima Energi energy drink. Followed by Tolak Angin candy, Jahe Wangi candy, and Kunyit Asam, then they continued to healthy drink such as Kopi Jahe Sido Muncul, Alang Sari Plus, Colla Mill, and other products that can be seen in Sido Muncul site from the info and contact detail column below. In November 18, 2013, Sido Muncul had been recorded as a public company with stock code from Perseroan SIDO at Indonesia Stock Exchange.

With more than 250 kinds of product and more than 270 awards, Sido Muncul has 109 distributors in all over Indonesia and had exported to few countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei, also other countries such as Australia, Korea, US, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Algeria, Mongolia, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Wow!


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