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5 Signs You are Obsessed with Social Media

By Isny Dewi R

05 August 2020

There are numerous small habits which you may find normal, but in reality, they indicate your social media obsession.

Photo source: Pexels
We live in the age of digital media, where various social media platforms have made it easy for us to connect with people, even those who are living very far away.
The growth of social media has indeed proven beneficial in numerous ways, but a fact that cannot be denied is that it is a kind of addiction. That mindless scrolling, and browsing all day long can take a serious toll on your physical as well as mental well-being. There are numerous small habits which you may find normal, but in reality, they indicate your social media obsession. Reporting Times of India, here are five signs that you are addicted to social media.
1. Your Phone is the First and the Last Thing You See
It might seem normal to you to check your phone one last time before going to bed, but have you ever counted how much time you actually spend scrolling your Facebook or Instagram? Some people even fall asleep after scrolling mindlessly through their phones and again repeat the same thing in the morning before even getting out of the bed. If you find it relatable in any manner, then believe it or not, you are obsessed with social media.
2. ​You Use It to Procrastinate
A 10-minute break from your work can help to increase your productivity and creativity. The problem arises when you get engaged in social media during your break time. You may have this urge to quickly check your Instagram or Facebook notification, but that small break can easily turn into 30 minutes or longer. You will find so much stuff there that you will lose track of time and make your work hung up. So it is better to take a walk or do something else during your break time than turning to your social media.
3. You Check Your Phone as Soon as You Hear the Notification Sound
Phone notification has a dopamine effect on the brain, which is the happy chemical. It makes you feel like you are rewarded. As per studies, dopamine is a primary element in most addictions. Once you fall in it, the cycle continues. Constantly checking your social media notification is just like fueling your addiction.
4. Social Media is Your Main News Source
Social media is not a place where you turn for news. It carries all kinds of news, which you cannot truly rely on and is more time-consuming to fact check. So, it is better to get your daily news update from some credential news websites.
5. You Feel Anxious when You Can’t Access Your Social Media
Have you ever felt pain in your stomach or your heart rate shoots up when you cannot access your social media account? That craving to pick your phone scroll through the feed after every 30 minutes, indicates that your need for social media has become strong. This anxiousness means that you need to reconsider the time you spend staring your phone.

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