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Simple and Effective Strategies in Developing Online Business

By Eskanisa R

05 November 2019

Simple ways help developing your online business.

Nowadays, a lot of people take the advantage of technologies to start online business. Technologies have succeeded driving any kind of business which mushrooming in all fields. To earn more money while running your online business, you need ‘special treatments’ to maintain, targeting, and developing business years ahead.

1. Promotion

The first point is a must. You can use social media to promote any kind of business you are running. Facilitate people to find detail information about your products or services. People nowadays have social media account and promote your business through it is an easy yet effective wat to connect with a lot of potential buyers. Create interesting ads with persuasive words. Make sure your products or services answer they need.

2. Payment

Believe or not, online business which offering various payment options, not only use bank transfer, usually get more buyers. Therefore, you can offer various popular payment options including virtual money such as OVO, DANA, and PayPal make them easier to pay and shop.

3. Services

What kind of services online shop need to satisfy buyers? 24-hour customer service or live chat, both are believed to increase your business. You can add live chat feature on the website, or include WhatsApp number, other contact on your social media. With those facilities, buyers can ask questions anytime they need to know before purchasing your products or services.

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