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Simple Guidelines for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer

By Eskanisa R

18 September 2019

Simple ways to detect breast cancer.

One type of cancers that is dangerous for women is breast cancer. Breast cancer caused by damage cell which growing and attacking breast tissue, including lobules or producing milk and other supporting tissues.

If there is a family history of breast cancer, the risk of getting cancer is higher. Along with that, unhealthy lifestyle also increasing risk of developing breast cancer such as smoking, consuming alcohol, radiation and others.

Regardless of having a risk or not, for preventive step, it never hurts to know the characteristics of breast cancer. Here are simple guidelines for the early detection for breast cancer you need know.  

1. Breast Lumps

One of the early signs is breast lumps. However, it is not only cancer that causes breast lumps. Breast lumps can also be triggered by damage to fat tissue and hormonal changes. How to distinguish breast cancer lumps and not? In general, breast lump signed with uneven surface and hard texture of your breast. It will stay up until 10 days even after your period done.

2. Change of Breast Skin

At an advanced stage, breast skin changing its natural color. It is reddish like irritation, has a texture like orange skin, and sometimes forming dimples because they are triggered by lumps.

3. Nipple Pain

Early-stage breast cancer is also signed by discoloration of the nipples. Nipples become red and swollen. Breast cancer can also be signed by unusual, clear, brown or even yellow liquid from the nipple. Therefore, it is important to examine your breast every single month to find your breast in good conditions. If you feel there are unusual color, pain in your breasts according to previous points, it is highly recommended to ask or consult with doctor immediately.


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