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Simple Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs

By Eskanisa R

02 July 2019

Simple marketing ways for entrepreneurs.

Are you one of creative people to see a lot of chances to take advantage yet create new innovation? Nowadays, people choose to be entrepreneurs with many reasons, those who want to get some money, those who want to improve surroundings and so on. Before you decide to run your own business, here are simple marketing guide you need to know.

1. Choose Right Promotion Media

As you know, social media is a powerful weapon to promote a lot of businesses. Most people using social media to promote their services or products as well as get new consumers day by day. As an entrepreneur, you need to know what is the best platform to promote your business. Each of them have different ways to ‘communicate’ with their users.

2. Promotion

Right after you choose right social media, you need to promote your business in right ways. Do a continuously, actively promotion every single days to increase people attention, engage them with various interesting contents. Make sure you are capable to make worth-to-see contents in each uploading videos, photos or any kind of contents to make people know your products or services.

3. Know Your Competitors

In order to be able to compete your competitors, you need to know them well. If you know their ‘gap’, you surely get the benefits. There are easy ways to analyze your competitors, including price, promotion and quality of their products or services.


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