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Simple Tips to Take Quality Product Photos

By Eskanisa R

07 January 2021

Make customers fall in love with your product.

Photo source: Pixc

Photos do all of the work when you’re selling online simply because many people will not read the description and only scroll through photos available to find what they want. And for that reason, your photos have to be persuasive to make them take a look and buy your products. In order to take quality product photos, here are some effortless tips we rounded up from vary resources.

1. Background
Choose neutral, plain background like white to create the right first impression; clean and tidy. If you use colorful, pattern background or put some accessories, it might steal the focus of the photo (products). The only way for ensuring your products is focused well is creating a desire in the customer to own the products. Besides, plain background with neutral color also works great for editing. 

2. Lighting
Lighting also playing important role for the final pictures. No matter how fascinating your packaging, if lighting too bright or too dim, the products simply look unattractive. Try to take pictures in the morning or where natural light is abundant simply because products look more appealing under natural light. In case you need more light or there is no enought light, you can use ring light, reading lamp, and others to get better results.  

3. Angle
By taking product shots from a few different angles, you can make quite a difference result. For example, clothing photo look more professional and better taken from the front while food look more appealing taken from above angle.

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