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Simple Ways for Longer, Lasting Tires

By Eskanisa R

19 March 2019

For longer lasting tires, here are the tricks.

All parts of vehicle need to be treated well, especially tires, parts has direct contact with road. Along to support weight on car, tires also has task to resist shocks on damaged roads. These following, simple ways for longer, lasting tires.

1. Check Wind Pressure

Whether it’s motorcycle or car, before travelling, especially if you want to travel far, you must check wind pressure. It must be right amount, not too much or less. If your tires wind pressure is less, it will increasing use of fuel. Meanwhile, if the vehicle way too hard, too much air, it can be hard to grip the road perfectly and causes tires to explode.

2. Valve Cap

People think it is not necessary to have this tiny component, but, in fact, valve cap has important role to keep your tires last longer. It helps to prevent the air inside from coming out. If you are not use valve cap, dirt and water when rain comes down can enter through a small gap in the valve.

3. Tire Rotation

This simple helps your car tires last longer. The front tires experience more friction when you turn your car or doing heavy brakes and it turns bald really fast. if you want to rotate your tires, do it crosswise, from front left to the right, back and the other way round. It highly recommended to rotate your tires regularly every 10,000 km.

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