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Simple Ways Keep Your Luggage Safe for a Flight

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
11, March 2019

Taking care of your luggage while travelling is not an easy case. Here are simple ways to minimize unwanted things, such as scratched, swapped or even lost while travelling.

Take a Picture of Your Luggage

It might sounds silly, but important to do. Before put your luggage into the airplane baggage, take a picture of your luggage, inside and outside. This one helps you to find your luggage while waiting in the airport. If there is a damage on your luggage, you can immediately ask the duty officer and use photo as strong evidence.

Non Zipper Luggage

You might be familiar with zipper luggage, besides it is cheaper than non-zipper one, a lot of luggage brands offer double zippers. However, the possibility of damage by ignorant hands still hanging on the roof. You can choose the non-zipper one to minimize the damage. The price is little bit pricey than zipper one, but it has safety lock (using numbers combination) you can set anytime.

Luggage Cover

It is not only an accessory, it helps protect your luggage from scratches and dirt, also as a sign if there is ignorant hand trying to steal your stuff. Before you purchasing the non-zipper one, consider several things, including materials, is it waterproof or not? If you are going to travel during rainy season, pick the waterproof one, is it washable or not? and is it can pass the X-Ray or not?

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani