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Simple Ways Managing Your Money during COVID-19 Pandemic

By Eskanisa R

14 April 2020

Managing your household money during COVID-19 pandemic with this easy tips.

Managing household money during COVID-19 pandemic is undeniably challenging. Because, people need to spend extra money for vitamins, internet for work from home, and other urgent needs. Here are simple ways managing your money during COVID-19 pandemic with easiest strategies to be followed.

1.  Re-check Monthly Budget

Re-check your monthly budget to find out which parts can be stopped temporarily and used for urgent needs during this pandemic. For example, you can use your makeup parts that you may rarely use during #dirumahaja to pay vitamins, extra internet, and so forth.

2. Buy Most Necessary Supplies

After find which parts of your monthly expenses can be stopped temporarily and used for urgent needs, use the money to buy most necessary supplies during COVID-19 pandemic only. Ensure you use the existing money efficiently and effectively. Try to not hoard groceries amid the outbreak. When shopping, take a list with you to guide your purchases, and try your best to buy most necessary supplies only. You can also use discounts offered by a lot of e-commerce to buy your daily needs (groceries) online during #dirumahaja.

3. Saving Money

There are a lot of simple yet easy ways to save penny by penny while #dirumahaja. For example, if you are at home, try to change your habits to order food online and do yourself favour, cook during this coronavirus pandemic.

You can also save another little amount of money by reducing usage of your air conditioner. If the weather is nice, keep your air conditioning off, open windows and let the fresh air come into your home. Use energy-saving lamps, turn off the lamps during the day, turn off magic jar when it already cooked, unplugged electronic equipment when you are not using any of it and use your water wisely. It all means to keep your electricity bills save during COVID-19 pandemic so you can use extra money to pay that bills for other urgent needs.  



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