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Simple Ways to Anticipate House Fires During Dry Season

By Eskanisa R

05 September 2019

Simple ways to anticipate house fires during dry season.

Dry season identical with dry air which leads to spread fire during house fires rapidly. Preventing house fires is everyone’s duty. Here are simple ways to anticipate house fires in your home and around.

1. Electronic Devices

Make sure you are not using any electronic devices which have exceeded capacity. Only use devices you need and immediately turn it off if you already done using it. If you want to leave the home, make sure, all devices include television, laptop and phone charger have been turn off. It would be better if you unplug the cables from socket.

2. Gas Stove

Besides electricity, gas stove also considered as main cause of house fires. The position of gas could be solution to anticipate house fires. Make sure you put gas and stove in separate area with kind of divider. It aims to keep stove and fire source are not meet. Another cause of house fires is gas circulation. That is reason why you need proper ventilation in your kitchen to know if there is a gas leak.

3. Cigarette Butts

It sounds trivial, but your cigarette butts can lead wildfire. Your fire which accidentally fall on flammable things like tissue or cloth causing fire. Make sure you put damp tissue under your ashtray or sand to put out the fire. Before leaving your smoking place, make sure fire of cigarette completely gone. Never throw the butts carelessly.

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