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Simple Ways to Avoid Getting Your Vehicle Stolen

By Eskanisa R

03 Jul 2019

Avoid your vehicle get stolen with these ways.

Lately, vehicles stolen are becoming increasingly. It happens not only in public places also at home. Thief already keep their eyes on ‘prey’ before executing in skilled ways. Here are some simple ways to avoid getting your vehicle get stolen.

1. Install the GPS Tracker

For every car owners, with manufacturing around year of 2012 – 2015 must be extra careful, it simply because thief using a ‘traditional’ method of breaking the glass then disable the alarm system by removing fuses which can turn off alarm system. To prevent your vehicle get stolen, you can install GPS tracker. It helps you to track and find your vehicle accurately.

2. Double Keys

Like a motorcycle, car can also be locked automatically. It is not an additional key, but steer lock feature. After turn off your car, its steering wheel can be locked (the key should be rotate to the lock position so it can be removed) by turning it 60 – 75 degrees until you hear click (lock) sound. If you are afraid this way will damage your power steering, you can choose several types of additional locks, such as Rally Armored Bar, Security Bat Type R, Hipowerlok, Stefo Car Lock or Yale.

As for motorcycle, each type of safety lock has its own uniqueness, for example a chain type motorcycle lock, if you choose longer and heavier one for the chain, it will make your motorcycle more safe or a type of disc with smaller, friendly pocket size. This lock usually equipped with vibration detection and trigger an alarm if there is a loud sound around.

3. Stickers

It may sound strange but useful, for example if your motorcycle or car get stolen, the additional stickers you add on some spots make your vehicle recognizable. Choose strategic spots, such as rear fender for your motorcycle or in a rear window for your car.