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Simple Ways to Create Marketing Plan

By Eskanisa R

01 April 2019

Easy ways to create marketing plan for your business.

When you are deciding to run a business, marketing is one of many important things you should consider. Hence, from the very beginning, you have to create kind of marketing plan that will work for your business, both products or services. Here are simple ways to create marketing plan helps increasing brand awareness and sales.

1. Target

You should be able to target right market based on products or services you offer. Choose the easy one to approach and you exactly know how the result is. For example, you have a great basic cooking skill, run a culinary business and pick specific item, like rice bowl that can be enjoyed by anyone and anytime, then you can choose office workers, those who don’t have enough time to cook their own meal.

2. Budget

This point will relate the following points, here you need to create proper budget plan to determine how much money you need to make your products or services get people’s spotlight.

3. Promotion

Next is promotion, this one related to your budget, besides it helps you to emphasize your brand, gaining brand awareness, promotion is an ideal solution to make your customer become regular customer. Along with discount, you can give a promo or solution suit people need. For example, packages, you can make rice bowl package with soft drink, rice bowl package with fruit bowl or dessert. Basically, everyone has their own needs, there are people like to eat sweet (dessert) right after meal, but some of them more likely to drink or eat fruit than sweet. All promotion can be done easily with social media, even door to door (direct selling).

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