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Simple Ways to Get Rid Stress

By Eskanisa R

26 March 2019

Get rid of stress with these simple ways.

You may not realize there are many reasons to get stressed. Lack of sleep, smartphone overuse and overtime causing stress. According to Harvard University, stress has a lot of negative effects, both mental and physical, such as migraine and heart attack. However, there’s no need to worry, here are some simple ways to get rid of your stress. Ready?

1. Sleep

Lack of sleep triggering stress, while everyone get stressed while have less sleep. Stress makes people hard to sleep. However, sleep proven to be effective way in relieving stress and helps you to more focus after get some sleep while feeling stress. Take a five minutes straight to have a deep sleep. To make you feeling asleep, drink warm milk or light the aromatherapy candle.

2. Move

Move your body also helps you to get rid of stress. You can either take a walk or breath fresh air, just leave place or room and take a break. You can also try yoga, it doesn’t to be that long, only five minutes, yoga will helps release endorphin and improve your good mood.

3. Turn off Your Phone

Turn off your phone is the simplest way to relieve stress. But, some people can’t do this way due to their work. Besides turn off your phone, you can deactivate mobile data as well as activate silent mode to get more calm and relaxed atmosphere for sleep. It would be better if you can set schedule to turn off your phone on weekend to avoid stress.

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