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Simple Ways to Improve Your Cooking Skills

By Eskanisa R

29 September 2020

Cooking become one of the precious things to come of the pandemic.

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What kind of the unexpected new hobbies you took to help fill free time during pandemic? Reading, gardening or cooking? Study revealed that cooking produce significant mental health benefits. Nowadays, you can easily find creative recipes on the internet to improve your cooking skills. Besides, with simple ingredients you can also make delicious food to pamper taste buds of the whole family. Yet, to improve your creativity in the kitchen, you might just need to follow these simple steps as reported from vary resources/

1. A Lot of Practice
As proverb says “Semakin diasah, pisau akan semakin tajam.” so does your cooking skills. Every time you round the kitchen to go a bit more adventurous, the get better results you have. Do not stuck to the same exact recipes all the time. It simply because even you follow all the steps perfectly, most times the results more likely unpredictable. According to the Taste & Technique author, Chef Naomi Pomeroy, the results require a lot of practice because the steps influenced by many variables.

2. Essential Equipment
Cooking are required essential kitchen equipment and utensils. For example, to improve your cutting skills to cut vegetables, meat, and herbs, it would be fast and great to use a sharp knife. You do not need to buy the expensive one, at least the knife has good quality. It also a good reason to manage your time when preparing food before cooking.

3. Basic Methods of Cooking
Learning basic cooking skills is a must to prevent serious injuries. For example, you need to know the correct position of your hand (fingers) while peeling the onions, cutting or deboning the chicken or even mincing the meat to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.
Along with those basic skills, recognize different techniques in measuring each food (prepping) has positive effect in improving skills. The knowledge of cooking skills allows you to work with vary ingredients, best ways to store every ingredients, how to process to help you adjusting recipes and techniques you will follow.
For example, to making perfect homemade fried chicken (not contaminated with salmonella bacteria caused typhus), you need to know proper temperature of the oil (keep it hot). Make sure the oils stays hot enough and the chicken is opaque all the way through. For big and thick parts, make sure to braise the chicken in a pot of broth fill with spices before frying. And it is important to keep chicken chilled before cooking, let the chicken sit at room temperature before frying to ensure chicken cooks evenly.

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