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Simple Ways to Keep You Motivated after Layoffs

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
20, September 2019

Layoff is one of risks for being an employee at your current company. No one is ready to face that situation while it can happen to any of us especially in the middle of understate economic growth. Grieving your loss is not best option to face layoffs. Here are simple ways to keep you motivated right after layoffs.

1. Say no to Denial

A lot of people can’t accept the fact that their companies need to make adjustment in the middle of understate economic growth like layoffs. Do you know accept terrible situation and move one are two things to make it easier for you during this situation?

It can’t be denied if right after layoffs you might be a victim of the disappearing of spirit, experience a prolonged sadness, and feeling down yet depressed. However, by the time it gets better. You need to let it go, forget the past, and organize your life now because you need to pay some bills, eat properly, and life.

A simple way to get back your enthusiasm is doing your hobby, things you like to do the most like sports, cooking, any positive hobby you probably can’t do before because of you were being busy.

2. Rearrange Your Life

You might think layoff is the end of your life. In fact, you are given the opportunity, time to rearrange your better future. During difficult times after layoffs, you have a lot of time to think about your life ahead, to make right decision, and reach better target. Nothing is impossible if you have clearly intentions and keep trying, pushing yourself for the best ones.

3. Learning New Skills and Information

You may no longer working at your dream company but you can look for better opportunities with your abilities and knowledge. You can also create new ones which way more profitable than your dream companies by learning new skills and gain knowledge or experience of something. You can use any kind of social media, books, television, any reachable sources to keep your mind work to continuously evolving with new information. Get the valuable ones, apply in your daily life, and make yourself become more useful and grateful.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani