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Simple Ways to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

By Eskanisa R

19 June 2019

Simple ways to overcome smartphone addiction.

It cannot be denied that smartphone becomes a necessary part of the life of urban society. Unfortunately, need to smartphones can cause bad addiction which affect both mentally and physically health. Are you one of them? Here are simple ways to overcome smartphone addiction you need to know.

1. Set Daily Time

There are several ways to stop smartphone addiction effectively. Instagram has an “Activity Dashboard” to manage time you spend on that platform. You can click “Setting” on Instagram and choose “Your Activity”. Above the page, you can see a simple dashboard showing average time while you using Instagram.

Down below, you can set a daily reminder if it has reached maximum time of usage of the day. You can also click “Mute Push Notifications” to limit notifications from Instagram. Along with that, there are additional applications, like AppDetox for iOS or Rescue Time for Android to set daily time of smartphone usage.

2. Turn off Notifications

Bunch of notifications come from many applications may affect your attention and concertation. Turning off notifications help you focus on your activities. Moreover, you have a choice to keep some applications (notifications) on to stay connected with parents, wife, husband or your work. At least, you will not check your smartphone every single time its ringing unimportantly.

3. Uninstall Applications

If communication becomes necessary, there is no big deal to uninstall unimportant applications you do not use to communicate with others. Besides social media applications, you can also consider to uninstall games. It will help you to not keep your eyes only on smartphone and make your internal storage available.

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