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Simple Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling with Public Transportation

By Eskanisa R

02 April 2019

Stay safe with public transportation with these ways.

Nowadays, you can easily find a wide array of public transportations in Jakarta, like Commuter Line, Transjakarta, Transjakarta Bus Integrated Border Transportation (APTB), Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT) to the Light Rail Transit (LRT). How often do you use those public transportations? Here are simple ways to stay safe while traveling with public transportation.

1. No Phone

It can’t be denied if most people carrying their phones while travelling. People can get rid of boredom immediately either listening to music, playing games or texting. However, it is highly recommended not too busy with your phone while using any public transportation except for urgent matters, such as working tasks and other tasks you should done. Don’t let your guard down because you are too busy with your phone. If you have no option to use your phone, put it back in deepest section of your bag equipped with zipper.

2. Keep Your Bag Safe

It is undeniable there are a lot of criminals in any public transportations. If you are feeling sleepy while traveling, you can take a nap and keep your bag safe with hugging your bag, it may look a bit uncool but at least it’s not exposed to the world. Either you sleep while sit or stand, try to hug your bag.

3. Wearing Comfortable Clothes

Do not wear excessive jewellery, to minimize criminals do their actions. Wear clothes made of cotton, it helps absorb sweat in more fast and comfortable ways while you are using public transportation in hot weather. You can also bring jacket or sweater to deal with cold air conditioning in Commuter Line, Transjakarta, MRT or LRT. Choose the lightest one, not too thick, so you can easily put it back after use.

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